Friday, 2 June 2017

Today's Word - 1 Chronicles 22:16


Today's Word - 1 Chronicles 22:16

Of gold and silver and bronze and iron there is no limit. Arise and begin working, and the Lord be with you.

பொன்னுக்கும், வெள்ளிக்கும், வெண்கலத்துக்கும், இரும்புக்கும் கணக்கில்லை; நீ எழும்பிக் காரியத்தை நடப்பி; கர்த்தர் உன்னோடே இருப்பாராக என்றான்.

లెక్కింపలేనంత బంగారమును వెండియు ఇత్తడియు ఇనుమును నీకు ఉన్నవి; కాబట్టి నీవు పని పూనుకొనుము, యెహోవా నీకు తోడుగా ఉండును గాక.


Yes Jesus. As your word says, in your kingdom there's lack of nothing, even if it's expensive material. We rise in your name and take our part in your kingdom work. Strengthen us Oh Lord that we may go extra miles in reaching souls and share the good news of salvation through Christ. Help us to reach the unreached. In Jesus matchless name we pray. Amen.

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